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The members of the 3rd District Fire Department are committed to serving the citizens of Central City and the rural outlying areas. Members of the fire department are not only responding to emergencies, but they are also dedicated to promoting fire safety and preparedness. The fire department is responsible for responding to fires, medical emergencies, natural disasters, and other incidents that may pose a threat to the community. In addition to responding to emergencies, volunteers also participate in fire safety education and outreach programs to help prevent fires and promote safety. Whether it’s responding to an emergency or working to prevent them, your volunteer fire fighters are always there for the community, working tirelessly to keep YOU safe.

Winter is Here!

Here are some tips for using your Wood burning Stove safely:

Ventilation for your wood burning stove:

  • Venting the stove is the most important part of the wood-burning system. 90% of all stove-related fires originate within the venting system. A venting system is not a chimney – it consists of lengths of 24-gauge or heavier, insulated stovepipe which connects the stove to an approved chimney.
  • The vent must be as short as possible, with no more than 2 right angle elbows. The sections of stovepipe should be assembled with crimped, male ends of the sections facing down, towards the stove. Stovepipe sections should be fastened with at least 3 sheet-metal screws or other fasteners. Seams must overlap and face up on inclined runs.
  • Stovepipe clearance is extremely important. It must never pass through an interior wall, floor, or ceiling. Stovepipe should never be used for a chimney because the elements will rust.

Wood burning stoves require proper operations and regular maintenance, including but not limited to the following

Use proper fuel:

  • Hardwoods, such as maple, beech, ash, hickory, or oak, are the best fuel for a wood burning stove. Wood should be cut, split and air dried for at least a year before burning. Well-seasoned hardwood will show cracks in the ends. Wood will dry faster and remain dry and protected from the elements if stored in a shed or under a tarp.

Regular cleaning:

  • Use a wire brush to clean your stovepipe and chimney at least once a year. Also, occasionally use controlled, high-temperature fires in the stove or furnace. Don’t bother with the salt-based chemical cleaners. And never use heavy items such as chains, bricks or a brush on the end of a rope, because they could seriously damage the interior chimney lining.

Avoid creosote buildup:

  • Creosote is a highly combustible fuel that burns intensely. A slow-burning fire such as those found in a modern, airtight stove damped way down, produces a flue temperature in the 100-200 degree Fahrenheit range. These comparatively low temperatures do not sufficiently carry all of the unburned, combustible gases into the atmosphere. Instead, they condense along the walls of the stovepipe and the chimney as creosote. Creosote may take 3 forms:

* A sticky liquid that will run down the chimney and stove pipe where it will be burned

* A flaky, black deposit which is easily removed by brushing

* A hard, glazed tar which is almost impossible to remove, except by a certified professional chimney sweep

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Join the 3rd Fire District Fire Department as a volunteer and make a difference in your community! Our fire department is seeking dedicated individuals who are passionate about helping others and committed to serving their community. As a volunteer firefighter, you’ll receive training to respond to emergency situations and provide critical support to those in need. You’ll also have the opportunity to build relationships with fellow firefighters and work together to create a safer community. Whether you’re looking to gain valuable experience, give back to your community, or just make a difference, we welcome you to join our team!

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